Career Award : $50,000 + two prizes of $5,000

Application for the « Fernand-Lindsay Career Award » is open until September 30, 2017. The Jury, chaired by Bernard Labadie, will meet the finalists in November to select the winner and the two other finalists. The $50,000 Award and the prizes of $5,000 for the finalists will be attributed on November 9, 2017, during a ceremony at the Jeunesses Musicales du Canada in Montréal. This will be the introduction of this Award, which will be, thereafter, offered every two years to young musicians resident in the Province of Québec.

This Award aims to support a young ambitious musician in achieving his career goals. Candidates must present a fleshed out career plan. The Jury will retain the one with the bestchance to reach the goal. The Jury will take into consideration reviews and accounts of the musical talent of the candidates, prizes received and their recent achievements. Finally, the Jurywill ensure that the Award will be, for the winner, the determinant of his international career.

At the ceremony on November 9, a first sum of $10,000 will be given to the winner to be used at its discretion. Subsequently, over a period of two to three years, the «Fondation Père Lindsay»will pay or reimburse all expenses related to the development of his career: mentoring, recruitment of an impresario, auditions, promotional material, etc., without excluding specialized trainings. The annual budgets of the recipient and all the disbursements will be subject to prior approval from the «Fondation», up to $ 40,000.

By creating this richly funded Award, the «Fondation» also aims to create synergy between a young musician and the members of the Jury. They will have gained an appreciation of the forces and weaknesses of the winner, and may provide advice and recommendations.

An «International Advisory Committee» composed of persons with an impressive background and links with the musical scene in the United States, Europe and Asia, will soon be created to help inthe international development of the winner’s career. Their experience and their relations will beput to contribution, allowing the winner to find the path most suited to his career plan.

The other two finalists of 2017 will receive $5,000 each and will be offered to participate, free of charge, to seminars of HEC MONTREAL on career management. The finalists will be allowed to apply again for the Award if they meet the requirements of the 2017 competition.

To learn about the eligibility requirements and participate in the contest, you must complete the application form and submit a complete dossier.

Information : Manon Gagnon | (514) 214-0124 |